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Tom's Endorsements

It is Time for a Change


It will be  a bright, new day in Rural California once Tom is elected to California State Senate from District 8.  Tom will fight for the needs of our rural communities, which are quite different from the needs of the cities and the coastal areas.  He will fight for our water, he will fight for our schools, fight for our health care, our agriculture, our roads, and our renewable energy.  He will fight for rural broadband, for law enforcement, and for fire control resources.  He will help create income and business opportunities by bringing new resources to the district.

New Leadership

Our current representation has lost touch with the needs of the District, one of California's largest Senate districts.  Tom gets the district, and understands our needs.  It doesn't matter if you are Red or Blue, rural needs are different than those of the rest of the state, and Tom understands how we think.  He listens, and responds.

Tom is traveling the District, listening to you, listening to your needs and priorities, and pledging to make your voice heard in Sacramento.  He is going to the state capital to fight for you and create opportunities for Rural California. 

New Approach

That is what Tom will bring to our area. He understands what we need in Rural California. Tom is the only candidate in the field that has your best interests in mind. Tom is the breath of fresh air that we need.

Team Tom HQ

What Tom Stands For

Tom's view of our future.  These are the things he stands for and believes in.  He is committed to making a better California you you and your family.

Join Team Tom

We need your help to get Tom to Sacramento.  If Rural California is going to get the same representation the cities and coast get, it will take a team.

Meet Tom

You can find out all about Tom, his background, his family, and his commitments to community and family values.  See a list of his events, appearances, and fund raisers.

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