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WHY? Because we need:

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Economic Security

  • Healthcare
  • Small Business Growth and Protection (ex. DBE)
  • Infrastructure/Internet (Digital Divide)
  • Homeowners Insurance – Resolution
  • Tourism & Recreational Industry – Funding County Fairs
  • Agricultural Sustainability – Chinese Tariff
  • Affordable Housing – Cal FHA

A Healthy Living Environment

  • Clean Air & Water – Our region has a shocking F Ozone Rating by the American Lung Association!
  • Water Rights - we must protect our water and ensure it is available for our District as well as other areas.
  • Tree mortality - Increase funding from 10 cents to $100.00 per tree.
  • National/state parks (Tourism) – funding

Education is the Great Equalizer
From K thru 12 and beyond, including:

  • Vocational Schools and Training
  • Trade Schools
  • Junior College
  • Union Apprenticeships – one of the greatest way to a successful career

A Community that is Safe

  • Protection of the elderly and those living in poverty, including children
  • Free from Workplace Violence and Harassment, because one #MeToo moment is too much!
  • Homes and schools that are safe for our families and children
  • Advocate for having crosswalks painted and removing an out of control school board member
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  • As your State Senator, I promise to listen and respond to your concerns & issues.
  • I promise to be your advocate.
  • I promise to work to find solutions.
  • I promise to be a leader and stand strong for our District.
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