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Voter and Election Information

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Voter Registration

If you have never voted, have moved recently, or are new to the state, you must change your registration. 

The deadline to register or re-register to vote for any election is 11:59:59 p.m. Pacific Time on the 15th calendar day before that election.

Vote by Mail

The California Voter's Choice Act give you a number of ways to cast your vote, including voting by mail. Would you like to have your ballot mailed to you?  You need to make sure you return it by  the scheduled date.

Motor Voter

The Motor Voter program makes registering at the DMV more convenient. Completing a driver license, ID card or change of address transaction online, by mail or in person will automatically registere you to vote.

Election Information

All statewide election information can be found here for Primary, General, and Special elections.  For local elections, contact your county's election officials.

Here you can find election information, election results, voter information guides, and more.

Candidate Information

Locate your Candidates and the statements here.  Also, if you want to run for statewide office, your qualifications are listed here. You will also find the 2018 elections guide here, and key dates and deadlines.

Unsure if You Are Registered?

The Secretary of State makes it easy and convenient to check if you are unsure about your registration status.   Just click the link below to go to the Secretary of State's web site.

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